The Healthy Building 2017 Asia (HB 2017 Asia) is being organized to provide an interdisciplinary platform for scientists from the Asia-Pacific region and elsewhere to present research findings, assess and prioritize issues requiring further research, bring together scientists from remote states, catalyze international and cross disciplinary collaboration, and announce and establish new research initiatives. The organizers are soliciting workshop sessions to be held under, or in conjunction with, HB 2017 Asia.

Open for Proposals submission: now ~ 14 April, 2017
Workshop Proposal Acceptance: May, 2017

(1) In order to aid organizers of the Congress in planning and fundraising, proposers should prepare a 1-page summary including the following elements.
  1. Specify workshop topic.
  2. Provide a title of proposed session.
  3. Provide the objectives of the proposed session.
  4. Provide the names and contact information for committed leaders for a workshop. Note that it is highly recommended that at least 2 leaders be committed for each workshop, and that they be from different countries. We also encourage cross-disciplinary session ideas, although this is not required.
  5. Provide a proposed list of session speakers and potential paper titles.
  6. A one paragraph justification and brief description of the workshop.
  7. Time requested. Specify the amount of time needed for or workshop.
  8. Name, affiliation, and tentative title for each invited speaker. Each presenting author must register and pay registration fees (by date in 2017 to be determined).
  9. Anticipated outcomes of the workshop. Please provide a short description of anticipated outcomes from the proposed workshop. For example, publishable proceedings, summaries or recommendations could be outcomes of workshops.


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