Presentation: 10 minutes for each presenter
Q&A: 2 minutes for each presenter


The onsite presentation system is Microsoft Office system compatible. If you are using MAC Keynote, it is recommended to convert the slides to PowerPoint format. Or you may bring the appropriate adapters necessary to connect your Mac laptop with the projector. For best viewing effects, please prepare the slides in English with an aspect ratio of 4:3, and use 24 point for body text and 36-40 for headings.

All oral session meeting rooms are equipped with the following audiovisual equipment:

  1. Computer (Windows-based PC)
  2. A lectern
  3. Lectern microphone
  4. A cuelight slide advancer

All speakers must upload your presentation to the conference computer in your designated meeting room 12 hours prior to the start of your session. If you are checking in on the day of your presentation, please upload the slides at least 4 hours prior to the start of your session.

Speaker Ready Room

Location: ROOM 203, 2F

All speakers must check in at the Speaker Ready Room to preview your presentation. A/V personnel will be available to assist you, and provide the opportunity to preview and edit the presentation as necessary.

When checking in, please bring a copy of your presentation on CD-ROM, DVD, or USB storage device to load to a conference computer. When reviewing your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room, make sure all fonts, images, and animations appear as expected and that all audio or video clips are working properly.

Presentation Questions

If you have a technical question or concerns about being able to reach the Speaker Ready Room at least 24 hours before your presentation, please send an email to: hb2017@knaintl.com.tw


Recommended poster size: 90cm*180 cm high (Board dimensions are 103cm*240cm).


Each poster should normally contain the following:

  1. A short, descriptive title (no abbreviations)
  2. Full names of contributing authors
  3. Authors' affiliations
  4. An introduction laying out the purpose of the presentation
  5. A narrative (methods, materials, results)
  6. Conclusions (clear and simple, emphasizing implications for practice)

Recommended Font Size

  1. At least 60pt for the title.
  2. At least 44pt for the authors/affiliations and possible headings of sections.
  3. At least 36pt for the body text.
  4. The poster should be readable from 2 to 3 meters distance.

Poster Display Area Location

All posters will be displayed in the Poster Area highlighted by the yellow arrow above.
Posters must be mounted to the poster board you have been designated with in the poster display area.

Mounting Your Poster

13:30 -15:00, Saturday 2nd September

The Conference organizers will provide suitable fixing materials, and on site assistance will be available to help you display your poster.

Poster Presentation

We encourage you to standby during the lunch/poster presentation (12:10 – 13:30, Sep. 3rd (Sun.) - 4th (Mon.), Poster Area).
Be prepared to use your Poster paper presentation to explain the work described and to answer specific questions.
It may be helpful to have copies of backup material or copies of a written paper to hand out to viewers who may want to study aspects of your work in more detail.
Commercial messages will not be tolerated.

Removing Your Poster

11:00- 12:10, Tuesday 5th September

All material must be removed by the owner of the poster at the end of the presentation. The Conference organizers cannot accept responsibility for any material left behind. The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage. Posters left on site at the end of the Conference will be recycled without further notice.

Presentation Questions

If you have any technical question or concerns, please send an email to: hb2017@knaintl.com.tw


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